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Electrophysiology Products

EP Recording Systems

EP-4™ Cardiac Stimulator

  • For electrical stimulation of the heart during diagnostic EP studies 
  • An intuitive user interface with customizable protocols 
  • An array of time saving key-command shortcuts 
  • Available in two configurations; stand-alone or integrated into the EP-WorkMateTM

EP-NurseMate™ Review and Charting Station

  • A PC workstation that is connected to the EP-WorkMateTM System
  • For real-time patient charting, physiological monitoring and data analysis during electrophysiology studies
  • Allows a separate user to review and edit patient study data stored on the EP-WorkMate

EP-WorkMate™ Recording System

  • Receives, digitizes, displays and stores patient electrograms, marker channels and RF data
  • Records up to 120 intracardiac channels
  • May be configured with an integrated stimulator
  • Offers communication with hospital networks using HL7 and DICOM
  • Serves as a platform for future technologies
  • Responsive and easy-to-use software

Last Updated: April 19, 2013